Argentina Wins the World Cup on Penalty Kicks over France


Argentina Wins the World Cup on Penalty Kicks over France

Argentina beat reigning men's champions France on penalties, giving football icon Lionel Messi the crowning glory.

He was one of the most dramatic major sporting events in history, with both teams drawing 3-3 after extra time. Ultimately, the Frenchman missed his chances with his two penalties, but Gonzalo Montiel earned a tough emotional victory.

With Argentina leading 2-0 with just under ten minutes left in the game, they dominated most of the match, but France came alive with star striker Kylian Mbappé scoring twice in the space of a few minutes. His 30 minutes of extra time saw both sides trading second-half goals for missed chances before tensions ran high with a penalty.

The match capped off his month of sports drama and geopolitical controversy in Qatar. The tournament featured amazing results and a fairytale run, but the final saw the two giants of the game battling it out for the title.

Agile and skilful, Mbappe scored a hat-trick to cement Messi's position as a young challenger for the throne. France became the first team since his Brazil in 1962 to appear in two consecutive games.

However, it was his 35-year-old Messi who finally lifted the title and won the trophy. This cemented his status as perhaps the greatest player of all time by giving his football-loving home country his third title.

He then said he wasn't done yet.

"He's not going to retire from the national team," he said. I want to continue playing as champion," Messi said in an interview in Spanish with TyC Sports after the final. "It's the most beautiful thing out there."

Win the World Cup on penalties

Doha Madani

The 2022 World Cup final will be decided on penalties after Argentina and France failed to draw after extra time.

The penalty shootout will bring back bitter memories for French fans.The last World Cup where a penalty shootout was decided was in 2006, when France lost to Italy.Argentina, who had just beaten the Netherlands on penalties in the quarterfinals, , may be slightly favorable.

Both teams scored penalties in the game, adding a layer of intrigue to the all-important penalty shootout.

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